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Forbes Names The DeAngelis Group Among the Top 250

November 30, 2017 by admin0

The De Angelis Group, the largest search firm dedicated solely to the orthopedic industry was named amongst the top 250 “Best Executive Recruiting Firms” listed by Forbes for 2017. The recent article was published on on May 3, 2017, written by Jeff Kauflin.

Forbes worked with analytics firm Statista to compile a list of 4,000 executive recruiting companies. They then asked thousands of recruiters, employees who have worked with recruiting companies and H.R. managers to take an online survey, and recommend up to 10 recruiting firms (excluding their own). With over 20,000 recommendations, each company was then ranked by the highest number of recommendations.

The De Angelis Group is proud to have been named on the 2017 Forbes list and looks forward to continually working hard to bring value to the orthopedic industry. The De Angelis Group’s Managing Partner, Drue De Angelis said after receiving the news “It is an honor to be recognized for this distinction but what truly compels us is helping drive enterprise value for the companies and investors who entrust us with their most critical executive hires.”

About The De Angelis Group

Founded in 2000 with one thing in mind; driving enterprise value for Orthopedic Start-up companies. The DeAngelis Group works with many of the most innovative and exciting new companies in the early stages of development to build a Talented Leadership Team.Whether your company is new to the space or you require a turn-around, our consultants first gain a solid grasp of the deliverables and the specific experience that the leader will require and then conduct the search effectively and timely.  Our network in Orthopedics is vast and qualitative. We have developed algorithms to evaluate who best fits in the start-up environment and who can develop and execute a strategic plan achieving sustainable growth.

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