IRSA Annual Meeting

4 days / 12 sessions
The Retained Search Think Tank

November 5-8, 2020
PGA National Resort and Spa
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


Agenda for IRSA Meeting 2020 Coming Soon…



Agenda for IRSA Meeting 2019

Day 1

May 16, 2019

Board Meeting

– Financials
– Membership Numbers
– Member Qualifications
– Next Meeting Venues
– Future of IRSA
– Proposed New Board Members

Cocktail Reception & Appetizers – The Terrace at The Ballantyne Hotel

7:00PM | The Terrace

Day 2

May 17, 2019


7:00AM | Golf Pavillion


8:00AM | Ballantyne Hotel Golf Course (Box Lunches Provided)

Opening Session

2:00PM | Union Conference Center
– Introductions – Who you are, tenure in search, size of firm
– Specialty/Specialties
– Past 12 & Next 12 – Revenue 17 & Trend for 2018
– Updates: what’s changed since last meeting? New hires or new business models

Legislative Update

– EU-GDPR and its ramifications for firms

Sourcing Beyond LinkedIn. It’s Too Easy to Not Use It, But Has It Made Us Lazy and Unwilling to do the Hard Stuff?

– LinkedIn: which plan do you have and what do you spend? (Roundtable)
– Some of the best talent isn’t on LinkedIn. Where do you go to find them?
— Trade shows, networking groups, newsletters

When Business Starts to Slow Down, What Do You Do to Stimulate New Business? (Roundtable)

4:00PM | Brian Mitchell – Moderator

Open Session – Issues, Headwinds or Hassles. What’s your greatest opportunity for the next 12 months? (Roundtable)

5:00PM | Cliff Miras – Moderator

Hiring Sourcing Partners externally or Internally. Which is right for you?

5:45PM | Cliff Miras – Moderator


7:00PM | Terrace Onsite at Ballantyne Hotel

Day 3

May 18, 2019



Are You Building a Building a Desk or Business?

8:00AM | Jaap Hoekstra – Moderator
– What’s your difference? Is there a “Best way to grow?“ “MRI Style?“ Hire 2, Keep 1.
– How do you scale?
– Q&A

Hiring Recruiters – What to look for and where to find them.

9:00AM | James Abruzzo
The irony of our business is that we tend to be the worst at recruiting talent for ourselves.
– Compensation plans that work.
– How to minimize risks and ensure success.

How is Technology Disrupting the Workplace & Workflow?

10:00AM | Julee Stone
– Thrive: Gold Sponsor, Thrive Product Demonstration



Marketing in 2019 – What Has a Strong ROI?

11:10AM | Ted Konnerth (Moderator)
– Tried & true as well as innovative techniques (roundtable)
– Company websites, web ads, LinkedIn ads, Google Ad Words…
– What works for you? How much do you spend? What should we spend?


12:00PM – 1:00PM

Search is as Much Art as Science. How Do You Woo Someone Who is Not Interested In Your Search? (Roundtable).

1:30PM | Ralph Protsik (Moderator)

The fees we earn vary from 20% of Base Salary to 33% of Total Compensation plus expenses. Is it determined by location, industry, or is it your unique Value Proposition?

2:15PM | Brian Mitchell (Moderator)
– What is your Fee Rate? If you charge 33% of Total Compensation, how do you pitch it?

Mid-day Stretch

– Learn something new about someone in the group.

New laws prohibiting firms requesting compensation from candidates – What is the best practice to adapt when it comes to your state?


Best Practice Exchange – Share A Tip or Two With Your Colleagues About Your Business (Roundtable)

3:30PM | Cliff Miras (Moderator)
– What is your “unfair advantage?“

Other Than Search, What Are Some New Revenue Streams You Have Found? Businesses Within A Business or External?

4:00PM | Josh Sandberg (Moderator)
– The Biggest Challenge in Search is the lack of Recurring Revenue. What are some ways of creating monthly recurring cash-flow?


7:00PM – 9:00PM | Roosters SouthPark
– 6601 Morrison Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28211

Day 4

May 19, 2019

Breakfast Buffet – York


The Future of Retained Search

8:00AM | Ralph Protsik
– We’ve heard many times that a new technology will render us useless and put us all out of business. These threats are largely overstated. How is the field evolving and how can we stay ahead of change?
– What are the distinctives of Retained Search and how do we ensure longevity in the business? The Internet, Artificial Intelligence, In-house, outsourced… all make finding people easy. We must be artists in attracting and luring the “unreachable.”

Member Only Meeting

– Member voting
– Nominate board members
– Discuss meeting style & content
– Open session topics

Meeting Adjourns


Box Lunch

12:00PM | Golf Pavillion

Knutson Scramble Golf Tournament

1:00PM | The Ballantyne Country Club (offsite)



Agenda for IRSA Meeting 2017

Day 1

Oct 7, 2017

Arrival and Check-In

3:00p | Main hall

General Meeting Start

4:00p | Main hall

Welcome Dinner

7:00p | Main hall

Day 2

Oct 8, 2017
Tim Spidel

Warmup Roundtable – What have you tried in the last 6 months that you thought made a difference in your business?

8:00a | Main hall
Drue De Angelis / Cliff Miras

Session 1 – What Kind of Business Do You Want to Run? How Do You Exit?

9:30a | Main hall
Jaap Hoekstra

Session 2 – Growing Your Business

11:00a | Main hall

Day 3

Oct 9, 2017
Ted Konnerth / David Youngerman

Roundtable Discussions – Revenue Streams While You Sleep; Hanging On

8:00a | Main hall
Tim Spidel

Roundtable Discussions: Various Topics

10:00a | Main hall
Drue De Angelis

Business Meeting (members only)

11:00a | Main hall